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This control bar was especially developed for the Wipika wing. In fact it is not only a control bar but a combined control and safety device.

We recommend using it for kitesurfing, boats, buggying... but not for bodydraging (because of the particular position, any bar can hurt your face).

Two lengths are available: 80cm and 95cm. Our advice: order a short one with a 5mē wing and a long one with a 8.5mē. If you forecast to order 2 wings but only want one bar, order the 95cm boom.

Caution: don't use it with parakites or other kites, which probably will not depower when you open the quick release.



1/ Foam covered aluminium bar

2/ Harness line

3/ Winders

4/ Left control line

5/ Right control line

6/ Wrist-band

7/ Wrist-band elastic line

8/ Quick release

9/ Quick release line



- Display on the ground the boom (1) and its lines (3,4,7).

- Connect the extension lines to the knots at 3m above the boom and check if everything is clear (no tangles nor twists).

- When your wing is ready to take-off, attach the wrist-band (6) to your wrist, take the boom then launch the wing.




- Pulling the boom to the right directs the wing to the right.

- If you wear a sailboard harness, the harness-line (2) allows you to hook in to reduce the efforts. Ajust it to your size thanks to the included rope and fix the two ends close to the middle of the boom.
If too long for you, cut a part of the plastic tube.



- The winders (3) allow you to range the lines after use to avoid tangles.

Make 1 or 2 half-hitches to block the lines when winded.


Your control bar includes 3 safety devices :

1st level : You want to depower your wing because you are temporarily over-powered or because you want to stop sailing for a while. But you want to be quickly ready to restart : let go your boom, it will stop at a few meters, the wing will immediatly flatten and fall (if, by mistake, you loose your boom while sailing, the same thing will happen)

You just need to pull on the wrist-band line (7) and to catch the boom to be ready again taking-off the wing.

CAUTION : don’t let go your boom if people or animals are under your wind, i.e. in its trajectory. It could hurt them. Beware of the objects it could damage too.

2nd level : You really are overpowered and can’t de-hook from the harness to release the boom, or you just come back to the beach but there are too many people on to let go the boom: quickly pull on the quick release (9), that will open the quick- release (8), releasing the left line (4) and flattening the wing.

You will not loose your wing as it is linked to your wrist.

3rd level : Sometimes, it can be imperious to wholly release the wing, even if you will loose it (wing catched by a moving boat for example) : let go the boom then open the wrist-band (6).


Extension Lines

Line sets of 10m, 20m and 30m lines are available. The wings are delivered with their 2m bridle and the control bars with 3m lines. Therefore you need lines, generally between 10m and 50m.
To know what length you need depending on your sport and wing size, go to the Line Length board.

[Extension lineset] Photo of the extension-lineset on a handle. Select the photo to enlarge.

Made of high quality 200kg Dyneema, they are manufactured to offer very high strength: we stretch them, then we put covers at the ends (green on the right side and red on the left one) then we sew.
They are ready to fly and you don't even need to know how to make a knot to use them.

[Knot-less connection] Photo of the knot-less connection system that you use to attach the lines to the main lines. Select the photo to enlarge.

The size you need also depends on the sport: we advise 10m for kayaks and boats, 20m for Flysurfing with a 5sqm wing and 30m with an 8.5sqm one. Use 30m to 80m for bodydraging.

Spare Parts


The wings are delivered with a small pump. It is a double-effect model so that you can inflate a 5mē wing in less than 5 minutes.

[Pump] Photo of the double-effect hand pump used to inflate the tubes in the wing.

The pump is included with the wings, but also available as a spare part.

Set of Tubes

If your tubes have leaks (generally after falling in vegetation - don't do it! - or after some years of use), you have 2 possibilities:

  • You repair the tubes with the glue tube provided with the wing,
  • You replace the tubes (requires less than 5 minutes per tube)

You can order either the leading edge tube or a complete set of tubes as spare parts.

Wing Boom Lines Spare Parts


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