WIPIKA - The Marine Wing

Wipika is the only wind-powered system capable of providing a solid, stable, safe and hassle free pull on any gliding surface including water, for which it has been designed and optimised.

Used as traction system for:

More distributors wanted!




new  Have a look at the kitesurf photo page. It contains new photos from Maui.

new  4mē and 6.5mē wings available in early June !!!.

new  The first Wipika board available this summer. First photos at the kitesurf photo page!

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  • The inflated wing in the shape of a spherical gore is the brainchild of D&B Legaignoux and is protected by international patent law.
  • WARNING : Inferior copies of the Wipika Wing are appearing on the market. The vendors of these products are violating the Wipika patent.



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