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The WIPIKA wing is perfect for buggy/parakart riding as these photos show.

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Bruno during the 1st Euros at Pembrey-England

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zeph On the reach with a 5 m2 wing.

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Dominique teaching a 10 years old boy in low wind conditions.

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Photo Speeding in the Zeph buggy.

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All photos are copyright WIPIKA, D&B Legaignoux.


LAST BUGGY RACE RESULT : TransAquitaine April 11-12th, 1998

The most famous Long Distance race in France, opened to all landyachts, Speedsails and buggies.
South West coast of France. It consists on two non-stop 90km courses along the beach.

20 buggies were racing this year, including Nicolas Runavot, 1998 French Champion using Advance parakites.

Saturday: 20-25 knots North West wind. The course was down-cross wind. Christophe Dutil, with a 5m Wipika won this eventful 90km run, 5mn before Nicolas Runavot and half an hour before the 3rd one. He finished around 10th overall (landyachts and Speedsails).

Sunday: 30-35 knots wind decreasing 10 knots at mid race - The course was front-cross wind then front wind.
Christophe, using a 3.5m Wipika prototype, made a perfect start and definately kept the head of the race.
Because of the wind fall, the course ended at 45km from the start.

He beat all the parakites including Advance, Jojo, Skytiger, Modulus...

Other Christophe result with Wipika's: he finished second of the first national series this winter.

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