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Here is a small part of the strange uses explored by the Legaignoux brothers.

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Dune flying

That is very different from kite jumping.
In kite jumping you move your kite in the sky and obtain instantaneous pull, so you jump. You are in front of your kite.

In dune flying, you use the ascending winds on the dune to create the lift. That's now currently practised by paragliders.
Anyway, flying with small kites appears as too dangerous to make a sport of it.

Here Bruno has the harness point in his back.
It was easier to run in the wind but rather...ugly when flying.


First test: 08/04/85

The Legaignoux's brothers also worked on air-gliding.
They made a 17m wing especially for this use in , were in touch with paraglider manufacturers but they arrived on a growing market. The manufacturers had no interest in making R&D on a new wing.

Paradoxically they stopped their tests after the longest fly they made at the Menez-Hom mount (around 200m long and 70 meter high). Flying is dangerous and specialists had to work on.

They are still thinking that a Wipika glider can be developped.


Roller skating on car parks or roads with a kite can be dangerous because of all the obstacles the kite can meet. And the kites quickly wear on asphalt.

A rigid bar between the two tips works fine.


3m wing - 1987



Why not the same system on a large board for
beginners or cool use ?

5m - 1988


Bodydragging doesn't deserve to be in that page.
It's a real sport, ideal for beginners without surf/winfsurf experience

Soon in a special page.


Riding the inflated cigar.

Sailing towards the shore.

All photos are copyright WIPIKA, D&B Legaignoux.


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